Young Type Ia Supernova PTF11kly in M101 (update)

As AT reported, there is a supernova Ia candidate in M101 nowadays. Of course, we should follow this as we do on SN in M 51 if weather permits. This is finder chart for our field of view prepared using Palomar DSS and position published in AT.


As time is ticking by more info about supernova is available. Here is nice identification image of supernova with special entry in the list available. AAVSO edited notice (available here) with option to plot a chart with magnitudes and positions of other objects in field of view. Very nice article about galaxy itself is published here.  I hope weather will be good tonight to let me point KRTECZECH at supernova and perform some photometry...

Supernova was named SN 2011fe. Interesting article about SN observation background.