No New transient in M 101 (update)

[update] Another run performed during night 29.8.2011 revealed no source on the position. So it seems that is was rather an artefact after all...

During observing run of M 101's supernova PTF11KLY (SN 2011fe) I noticed faint star-like object. As there is bad dark frame image used for reduction, I suppose that this is only some artefact. But other bad pixels seems to look different. This composed image is 150' V filter exposure taken in bad light polluted city centre using 20cm Newtonian, Celestron CGEM and SBIG ST-402ME camera. I checked the field using Palomar and there is no source on tat location. Preliminary astrometry yield the source position to be

14h 02m 21s 54o 19' 11"

click for detail

Thanx to all who replied to my message. I prepared detail image for better ID. As seen, ,,object" looks different than hot pixel and is not in spiral arm structure. On Palomar DSS this area is also free of denser parts of galaxy spiral arm.

Transient marked.

Hot pixels marked. Their profile is different.

Palomar DSS area marked.

It seems to me that hot pixel and surroundings galaxy structures are not the case here. Transient have same profile as faint stars - probably some big scope image can help. I received nice image with no source on it from Bob Koff but that image was taken a day before so some more actual image would be nice...