2018 season

we have new (repaired) version of fish eye camera available in  Upice now. Very handy to check actual conditions while observing on remote. Testing only, but seems to work nicely.

Autumn diary...

There were some changes during summer when we spent short nights with HW & SW upgrades. We simplified control workflow and reduced USB devices. We also added second pc (linux server) to maintain security and USB (webcams) imaging of telescope and observatory interior.  There were certain issues we had to manage after one year of remote operation. We have new experiences now which we had not before so we reacted... Learning to fly ;)

While there were plenty of clear nights during last year, it seems that there are none of them now. We did some observation during summer (our list will update soon) - but only a few nights in month. Clouds everywhere... And we are not ready for heavy snow right now which can appear any day.

We also experiences some guider and mount issues so spent time to solve them and test solution. If your CGEM will misbehave check your comm port settings. Set all parameters low (speed etc). USB RS232 reduction can help with these issues (we experienced troubles after we remove USB reduction to spare USB devices connected do bus and connected CGEM directly to PC RS232 COM port). We also discovered an easy way to switch off USB device when you are 200km away and there is no hand to plug in/out USB cable. That idea is so bright that it deserves bold sentence:

If you need to switch-off USB device 200km away from you, just switch off master PC and then send magic packet to it's network card. You should do this from intranet PC 'cause magick packet will not go via firewall (I think).

This is cheapest and easiest way to interrupt USBs power I think. And maybe you have same experiences as we have - EVERY USB device needs to be powered off sometimes.

There is next Krteczech Servicing Mission (after aprox. 2 moths from last one) scheduled in November - to prepare telescope for winter frost, to check heatings and maybe to upgrade all sky camera to different model (with better pic and more frequent expos). Hope that weather will finally stop bother us...