GRB 080319B

6.7 h exposure of GRB 080319B in R (Kron-Cousins)

NUMBER: 7504
SUBJECT: GRB 080319B: Optical observation (Brno, CZ)
DATE: 08/03/21 21:58:31 GMT
FROM: Rudolf Novak at N.Copernicus Obs/Czech Rep

We observed GRB 080319B using 40cm Newtonian telescope, SBIG ST-7XMEi CCD camera and R-band Kron-Cousins filter. We found afterglow to be R=20.0+-0.3 mag at 2008.03.20 0.125 UT. Given time is mid-exposure (total exposure: 6.7h). Weather conditions were poor because of clouds and Moon. We used 13 nearby USNO-B1.0 stars to get R magnitude. An aperture photometry package Munipack ( was used for data reduction.

Rudolf Novak
Nicholas Copernicus Observatory & Planetarium in Brno, Czech Republic

Filip Hroch
Masaryk University, Brno