Temporary combined image of GRB 080319B filed in R.

We got a RECORD day today !!! Optical afterglow of the GRB 080319B was clearly visible by naked eye if anyone witnessed. It reached max. aprox. 5.7mag so it become the brightest afterglow ever! Whole Earth is following this one so more exciting news appears frequently in my mbox. And not to be the end of the story three more bursts were detected in last 24hours. GRB 080319D was observed here too so let's see if we will see. Several reported relatively bright afterglow for the D burst too so the chance is on ;) Weather was not stable, full Moon phase not too far away in time and frequent fast moving clouds... Anyway the air is clear and conditions quite good. Positive detection of GRB 080319B is maybe the dreamland now - images needs to be calibrated well... but... as I hope this one is second positive afterglow observation in Czechia if I'm not wrong :) Not too bad for light polluted city, 40cm reflector and cheap st-7xmei SBIG camera. The magic word you seek is MUNIPACK! Philip J. Fry did amazing job on that indeed...