Humidity is very high so images are very low snr. Thanx to (hmmmmm) distance (?) for the photon river... Hope the light curve will be precise enough...

Very nice run turned out to be my nightmare.
Noisy curve is the result of wet secondary mirror

Not just the weather is against me. Few moments ago light bulb left this world with fireworks effects and 5+1 sound, my office PC with half of building went dark. Fortunately telescope and camera are away enough :) so the run is interrupted 'cause of my observing pc went down... After few minutes I found the place and made a light again. Going back to my office (which I'm using for almost 10 years) I noticed, that it is label as "42" so the only explanation is, that the Hearth of Gold was somewhere around ;) Few hours ago an air plain crashed with V 455 And, the big one, in the middle of the image, so bright that it was visible few more minutes as a ghost on a chip. I'm not sure if this is possible (or just an artifact of observing software) so I'll put some more info about it when I'll do a data reduction (I'm watching only actual images, in the corner of my desktop ). maybe it was the Hearth of Gold ship closing to CBA Brno station :)

Airplain hit the filed. What surprised me is a ,,ghost,,
effect on next few exposures when airplain
was faaaaar away...

Morning fog in Brno...