Today I observed only V 455 And (R). The light curve is still very chaotic but the system is approximately 0.2 mag fainter than yesterday. Very high humidity and at the end of the run clouds again. I saw light curve posted by G. Massi and our data are very consistent! (why not :). I play with light curves for some time now. It's very interesting to compare behavior of stars with different color indexes during phases of clouds. I'll post some example curves later (need to sleep now). It was very stable night with excellent conditions - bright Milky Way in Brno is really rare event! Massi reported excellent conditions too so let's hope his run will last longer than mine to obtain as long coverage as possible. v455 and is quite a catch :)

Light curve of V 455 And (R) using c1 and c2 as before.

9h combined image of V 455 And