During several KSMs (Krteczech Service Missions) focuser HW & SW was improved, heating was installed, on both main and guider telescopes. We also installed all-sky camera to monitor weather. PV & Peltier was removed for now. New webcams were installed, surveillance improved. Some minor upgrades of roll-off observatory was applied. We installed flat field panel and also made some infra (heat) images to check heating systems. Seems that all is working fine and also weather was quite good in last half year. Next KSM will be dedicated to telescope and camera maintenance. So we'll be off line for some time...

History of observing nights is available as temporary log file page (eyes up :). We observed many targets - eclipsing binaries, cataclysmic variables, Be stars, supernova and made many light curves. Next step is apply semiautomatic image reduction and dynamic site with interface for AAVSO, CBA, VSNET, ... report tool.

We also made some deep-sky images to check system performance and some PR usage :)

 M27, 32 min, clear

 M51, 20 min, clear

 M57, 40 min, clear

 M101, 20 min, clear

NGC 6764 et al. 65 min, clear

 Part of Veil nebula., 9 min, clear