V 1113 Cyg & unknown (?) field variable

We are following the superoutburst of V 1113 Cyg using our equipment. We have 4 nights of data up to now and weather promising. During data reduction we found faint variable star in the filed which seems to be not listed in variable stars catalogues. If you follow this superoutburst using your CCD, please include that star into your list too and share the data :) It is USNO 1425-09649996.

USNO 1425-09649996 folded light curve (P=0.270d) using demo of Peranso...

: The star was preliminarily designated VSX J192242.3+524154 (AUID 000-BFV-196)and seems to be W UMa type variable with p=0.270(4)d with amplitude aprox. 0.4mag in R Cousins filter (Rmax=16.2::). We used Munipack for preliminary data procesing.