Munipack Linux (Ubuntu) Installation

after dreamless nights of horror (df -h = 120MB on / !) I finally moved my pc from old hd to new sd, doing it using fresh and new (smelly) ubuntu (32 bit for flash ability). well one of first things I did was munipack install. this procedure was a bit mind job earlier 'cause of (no) free fortran 90 compiler. (solving by intel fortran compiler horrible install). now it's quite simple.

first to do is (sudo) apt-get install libcfitsio3 and (sudo) apt-get install libcfitsio3-dev. Then (sudo) apt-get install gfortran. These were not installed in ubuntu by default. I downloaded last CVS tarball of munipack from here. unballing it in /tmp/munipack I switched to the directory and simply did:

sudo make install
sudo cp script/ /usr/local/bin/
sudo cp script/mds9 /usr/local/bin/mds9

and it was done. I'll post some of my own scripts using during photometry soon...

p.s. munipack is the best aperture photometry software in known universe!