Right now I'm downloading sources of Xephem 'cause I need some real planetarium to use ;) Toys like stellarium or Kstars are of no use here... Observing Nova Vul 07 on 300mm tele using ST-8 camera gives me quite field of view with too many stars to get oriented. This nova is quite peculiar since it change it's brightness a lot on a scale of days and that's a reason to get some precise photometry. Due to its brightness I'm exposing using B filter on 40cm reflector (ST7XMEi) and R band on 300mm tele. Nova is visible on both cameras so I'll have independent run in B and R lasting few hours...

Nova Vul 07 in B filter..., 40cm ST7XMEi

Thanx to Wolfgang Renz I'm proud to announce
,,rediscovery'' of a bright eccentric eclipsing variable
GSC 01624-00493 which was discovered on 2004 :)

Combined image from 300mm and ST8 (R band).
Nova and (already known) variable are selected... (Click 4 detail)