,,So understand
Don't waste your time always searching for those wéjstyd jýrzzz,
Face up...make your stand,
And realise you're living in the golden years''

sings Bruce to the Monte Boo which is drowning in deep and dark warm night... Well let's hope A. Smith was right on that :) Aladin (on CHMI) makes me more happy everyday - this model works here quite perfect... great... Today I started with flats (yesterday ones were not good enough) and then, during twilight, made some Vega exposures... Then I got IGR[5], 3C 454.3 and IGR[1] runs. All in V & R, 60 sec. exposures. Since the quality of night is not very photometric, colour index changes could be easily observable than flickering {until ansamble :) will save me...}

During reduction of images I discovered a bug in script. Using: -i im* -d dark.fits -f flat.fits it fails to divide by flat with error: ioutxxx.fits exists. Of course it is. It was created moment ago by darkbat. Chm...

[night profile]

Vega in R. Seems munipack is confused by refraction:)

IGR [1] in R band. Combined 58 min exposure.

IGR[1] in V. Flat is still not good. Combined 58min exposure.

IGR[5] combined VRI using FitsLiberator...

IGR [5] in V band. Combined 31 min exposure.

IGR[5] in R band. Combined 31 min exposure.

IGR[5] in I band. Combined 29 min exposure.